Bringing Film & TV Industry Back to NJ Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 09

Kick-starting a discussion on the reintroduction of a viable tax credit for film and television in New Jersey, the Jersey City-based Golden Door International Film Festival and Fort Lee Film Commission sponsored a symposium on the Tax Credit for Film & TV Production in New Jersey at the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre, 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey. A panel of supporters proposed ways to attract local filmmakers and state legislative leaders who can take these ideas and create a bill that the next New Jersey governor will sign to make New Jersey once again a place where the film and TV industry can call home bringing a stream of revenue and jobs to the state.

This 7 minute short explains the importance of the “Garden State Jobs in Film and Digital Media Bill” for the entire State of New Jersey economically and optically.
Gary Donatelli
Debra Kent
Gary Donatelli
Teresa Cicala DGA
Yuri Turchyn

Assistant Director
Les McDonough

Production Assistant
Olga Gardner Galvin

Richard De Angelis

Doug Pellegrino
Craig DiBona
Gary Donatelli

NJ Residents Interviewed
Doug Pellegrino, DP IATSE 52
Kevin McCarthy, IATSE 52
Adam Himber, COO Parlay Studios
Emily Gaunt, IATSE 52
Craig DiBona, ASC
Lisa Takeuchi-Cullen WGA,
Ann Goelz, IATSE 52
Jesse Moses, IATSE 52
Alrick Brown, DGA
John Basile, IATSE 52
James Klotsas, IATSE 52
Audio/ Sound Mix
Collin Cornwell/ Cornwell Sound
Color Correction/Post
Sixteen 19
Patrick Fitzgerald/Charles Leighton
Ann Gray/Paul Levin
Sirk Productions
Venice Lake Productions
Arriflex Camera Rental
Parlay Studios
MediaMix Inc.

Special Thanks
New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg
Steven Gorelick
Joseph Marra
Neil Dudich, DGA
John Ford, IATSE Local 52
Lowell Petersen, WGA
Tommy J. O’Donnell ,Teamsters Local 817
John Amman/Lamont Dunnigan, ICG 600
Susan Gammie, Local USA 829
Lyn Pinezich, DGA
Jim Galvin, IATSE 52
Laura Belsey, DGA
Michael Kriaris, DGA
Joseph Vargas, Media Mix Inc.
Diane Heery/ Jason Loftus, Heery Loftus Casting
Sean Strong/ Lynn Gustafson, Arriflex NJ
Scott Devitte, Venice Lake Productions
David Spungen, Creative Scenarios Inc.
Daniel Powell
Tom Meyers, Fort Lee Film Commission
Donna Brennan, Fort Lee Film Commission
Christina Kotlar, March Hare Media + Wheatsheaf Studio Productions
Marc Perez, Sirk Productions
Francine Graff
John Sikes, Sirk Productions
Dennis Robinson
Segments from Faces of NY State Film & TV Production were included. All movie clips seen except for Risky Business were shot in New Jersey. Tom Cruise was born in New Jersey.