A Silent Film Experience Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode08

The Champion StudioWhat makes a perfect movie? What did eager audiences in the early days of cinema experience as they sat in a dark room waiting for the flickering silent images appear on screen, the inter-titles providing dialogue and exposition? Was it the action, the story, the actor? Live music presentation? Join the discussion with Fort Lee Film Commissioners, Nelson Page and Tom Meyers and Kristian Fraga, co founder of Sirk Productions, a NYC-based hybrid media and advertising agency specializing in original entertainment and creative agency services, as they delve into how  film restoration vs film preservation, melding the creative with historian objectives, can make today’s audiences experience the awe of silent movie making the way movie goers did a hundred years ago.

Tom @the ChampionAlso, insights into what was the last vestige of a sprawling movie making complex in Fort Lee, the Champion Studio, and the last effort to save it from demolition reminds us that preserving cinema history involves more than just film restoration.

Coming soon: a DVD The Champion– a tale from the birthplace of the motion picture industry, Fort Lee Film Town USA.

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