Film Costumes from Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 12

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Film Costumes found at the Rambo Hotel by the Fort Lee Film Commission make their way to NYU in an exhibit Film Costume/State of the Art presented by the Costume Studies MA program at New York University. Tom Meyers was there as the Keynote Speaker, with Costume Design Department Director, Nancy Diehl and NYU and Pratt University Professor, Drake Stutesman, along with costume designers, filmmakers, scholars and curators on the restoration of Fort Lee silent film costumes.
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nyu directors
Film Costume - State of the Art - Saturday Costume Prep-2



A Miracle in Trenton Film/TV Tax Credit for NJ Episode 11

Keep an eye out for the approaching traditional holiday movie season. After Election Day in November, it’s “A Miracle in Trenton.” New Jersey will have a new Governor in favor of a Film, TV Digital Media tax credit for New Jersey! A Christmas miracle? You bet. And, when it comes to favorite holiday movies during this time of year, a wonderful old film from 1947, Miracle on 34th Street may be akin for the unconvincingly, yet positive, Natalie Wood’s mantra, “I believe, I believe, it’s silly, but I believe” approach to living in these modern times, seventy years later. Listen in on Nelson and Tom enlightening film history banter as they prophetically shed light on the topic of tax credits that can expand the film industry– once an economic industry mainstay in began in New Jersey – Before There Was Hollywood, There Was Fort Lee. Let’s bring back jobs to people living in the Garden State and holiday cheer as well as some of movie favorites that keep us coming back for more, watching them again and again. What’s your favorite holiday movie? Let us know.

Ghosts and The Champion Studio-Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 010

Cliffhanger Horror On The HudsonThis week, Friday the 13th, Fort Lee Film Commission is scaring up some ghosts hosting their final Cliffhanger 2017 series Horror on the Hudson screening Abbott & Costello’s romp through history during the American Revolutionary  in The Time of Their Lives at 7 pm at Ross Dock on the Hudson River in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  Free. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy an outdoor movie night!

Listen in as Tom Meyers, Executive Director, Fort Lee Film Commission and Nelson Page, Chairman, Fort Lee Film Commission take us on another tour of Fort Lee, Film Town USA, where the ghosts of filmmaking past rise up and tell their stories.

Another milestone coming out of Milestone Films is the story of one of America’s first film studios, The Champion on DVD, October 17th.

FLFC champion ghosts DVD



Bringing Film & TV Industry Back to NJ Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 09

Kick-starting a discussion on the reintroduction of a viable tax credit for film and television in New Jersey, the Jersey City-based Golden Door International Film Festival and Fort Lee Film Commission sponsored a symposium on the Tax Credit for Film & TV Production in New Jersey at the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre, 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey. A panel of supporters proposed ways to attract local filmmakers and state legislative leaders who can take these ideas and create a bill that the next New Jersey governor will sign to make New Jersey once again a place where the film and TV industry can call home bringing a stream of revenue and jobs to the state.

This 7 minute short explains the importance of the “Garden State Jobs in Film and Digital Media Bill” for the entire State of New Jersey economically and optically.
Gary Donatelli
Debra Kent
Gary Donatelli
Teresa Cicala DGA
Yuri Turchyn

Assistant Director
Les McDonough

Production Assistant
Olga Gardner Galvin

Richard De Angelis

Doug Pellegrino
Craig DiBona
Gary Donatelli

NJ Residents Interviewed
Doug Pellegrino, DP IATSE 52
Kevin McCarthy, IATSE 52
Adam Himber, COO Parlay Studios
Emily Gaunt, IATSE 52
Craig DiBona, ASC
Lisa Takeuchi-Cullen WGA,
Ann Goelz, IATSE 52
Jesse Moses, IATSE 52
Alrick Brown, DGA
John Basile, IATSE 52
James Klotsas, IATSE 52
Audio/ Sound Mix
Collin Cornwell/ Cornwell Sound
Color Correction/Post
Sixteen 19
Patrick Fitzgerald/Charles Leighton
Ann Gray/Paul Levin
Sirk Productions
Venice Lake Productions
Arriflex Camera Rental
Parlay Studios
MediaMix Inc.

Special Thanks
New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg
Steven Gorelick
Joseph Marra
Neil Dudich, DGA
John Ford, IATSE Local 52
Lowell Petersen, WGA
Tommy J. O’Donnell ,Teamsters Local 817
John Amman/Lamont Dunnigan, ICG 600
Susan Gammie, Local USA 829
Lyn Pinezich, DGA
Jim Galvin, IATSE 52
Laura Belsey, DGA
Michael Kriaris, DGA
Joseph Vargas, Media Mix Inc.
Diane Heery/ Jason Loftus, Heery Loftus Casting
Sean Strong/ Lynn Gustafson, Arriflex NJ
Scott Devitte, Venice Lake Productions
David Spungen, Creative Scenarios Inc.
Daniel Powell
Tom Meyers, Fort Lee Film Commission
Donna Brennan, Fort Lee Film Commission
Christina Kotlar, March Hare Media + Wheatsheaf Studio Productions
Marc Perez, Sirk Productions
Francine Graff
John Sikes, Sirk Productions
Dennis Robinson
Segments from Faces of NY State Film & TV Production were included. All movie clips seen except for Risky Business were shot in New Jersey. Tom Cruise was born in New Jersey.

A Silent Film Experience Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode08

The Champion StudioWhat makes a perfect movie? What did eager audiences in the early days of cinema experience as they sat in a dark room waiting for the flickering silent images appear on screen, the inter-titles providing dialogue and exposition? Was it the action, the story, the actor? Live music presentation? Join the discussion with Fort Lee Film Commissioners, Nelson Page and Tom Meyers and Kristian Fraga, co founder of Sirk Productions, a NYC-based hybrid media and advertising agency specializing in original entertainment and creative agency services, as they delve into how  film restoration vs film preservation, melding the creative with historian objectives, can make today’s audiences experience the awe of silent movie making the way movie goers did a hundred years ago.

Tom @the ChampionAlso, insights into what was the last vestige of a sprawling movie making complex in Fort Lee, the Champion Studio, and the last effort to save it from demolition reminds us that preserving cinema history involves more than just film restoration.

Coming soon: a DVD The Champion– a tale from the birthplace of the motion picture industry, Fort Lee Film Town USA.

 The Champion DVD Cvr


Film Archaeology Digs Up Edison’s Frankenstein Episode 07

Edison's Frankenstein

Edison KinetogramMore discoveries from Fort Lee Film Commission‘s Nelson Page and Tom Meyers – Library of Congress’ recent acquisition of film collection that includes Thomas Edison’s Frankenstein.

Considered the first filmed version of Mary Shelley’s famed novel Frankenstein and the first horror film, it was made by the Edison Company in 1910. this 16-minute short film was written and directed by J. Searle Dawley, and was shot in three days at the Edison Studios in the Bronx, New York City.

Alice Guy Blache’s Birthday Bash Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 06

AGB marker

Reel Jersey GirlsThe greatest personal discovery for Fort Lee Film Commission is first woman film director Alice Guy Blache, an original Reel Jersey Girl and cinematic pioneer recognized in 2011 at the Director’s Guild of America’s (DGA) 75th anniversary celebration. Members and guests of Fort Lee Film Commission arrived for a birthday celebration at noon, Saturday, July 1st, Maryrest Cemetery in Mahwah, New Jersey. That’s just the start of events planned for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening for “all things Alice.”

FLFC celebrates Alice Guy Blache

Living History Part II Jimmy Viola Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 5

Map Fort Lee Film Studios

Part Two of an interview with long time Fort Lee resident James Viola, “Uncle Jimmy” part of Fort Lee Museum/Fort Lee Film Commission Living History Project.  Uncle Jimmy who worked in the film plant at the back end of the lot for Consolidated Film Industries on Main Street in Fort Lee in the 1940s and stories surrounding the film lab, storage facility and distribution center with people like Bud Stone and Eddie Mannix of MGM.

Living History Part I Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 04

Map Fort Lee Film Studios

Jimmy Viola & MapInterview with long time Fort Lee resident James Viola, “Uncle Jimmy” part of Fort Lee Museum/Fort Lee Film Commission Living History Project.  Uncle Jimmy who worked in the film plant at the back end of the lot for Consolidated Film Industries on Main Street in Fort Lee in the 1940s and stories surrounding the film lab, storage facility and distribution center with people like Bud Stone and Eddie Mannix of MGM. Originally built in 1914, he tells his stories–“I worked in building 2, and we took the studio negatives from Hollywood and we made the prints. This plant produced thousands of prints from the negatives for such studios as MGM, RKO, Paramount and Fox.”

Read more on Fort Lee Patch.

Women in Film History Month Fort Lee Film Town USA Episode 3

Reel Jersey Girls

Celebrating Women in Film History Month all through March as Tom Meyers, Nelson Page and Christina Kotlar are back for Episode Three–bringing out the best out of Fort Lee, the original Film Town USA remembering  film pioneers, Pearl White, Mabel Normand, Alice Guy Blache and those who support them.